Cruel Thieves Steal Medals Belonging To 106-Year-Old WW2 Veteran

Cruel thieves have stolen medals belonging to a 106-year-old Second World War veteran and his dad – while he was watering his plants.

Burglars swiped widower Leslie Stelfox’s six medals along with his late father Arthur’s three medals which were from World War One. They were taken from his home in Milton Regis, Kent.

This will be the second time the medals have been pinched in just five years after police were able to return them two months after they were taken in 2014.

The burglars stole the medals from Leslie Stelfox's home. Credit: SWNS
The burglars stole the medals from Leslie Stelfox’s home. Credit: SWNS

Leslie served during the campaign for North Africa as one of the heroic Desert Rats. He said: “This is another kick in the teeth. The medals are no good to anybody else, but they proved I’d done my bit for the country.”

Leslie discovered they went missing from his home between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday after he came back inside from watering his plants.

The veteran served in Cheshire regiment, and fought against the Nazi forces led by the Erwin Rommel ‘Desert Fox’ in North Africa. He said: “It was very quick. I was in the garden doing my watering. I didn’t see anyone. When I came back in, I saw the mess.”

The fuming pensioner said the loss was like ‘losing your wedding ring’. He added: “I am angry. You can understand people taking money and what not, but they could have left the medals. I’d like to get them back. They’re earmarked for my grandchildren.”

The stolen medals. Credit: SWNS
The stolen medals. Credit: SWNS

Following the first burglary, three men – who also lived in Milton Regis – were jailed.

Leslie’s friend Richard Stew said: “It’s just so awful his medals have been taken again in just a few years. They aren’t really worth anything but it’s the sentimental value of them – it’s like losing your wedding ring.”

Leslie’s wallet, with about £45 inside, was also taken and cases, storing his army records, passport and birth certificate, were smashed, although the documents were not touched.

The centenarian, who has lived in his home for more than 30 years, said he did not yet know if more belongings had been taken.

Police are investigating and PC Hannah Cooper said: “We are very keen to speak to anyone who might have information about who is responsible for this offence, which has deprived the victim of some items of sentimental value.”

Stelfox posing proudly with his medals. Credit: SWNS
Stelfox posing proudly with his medals. Credit: SWNS

The medals taken were: General Service for Palestine 1938; the 1945 Star; General Service 1936-1938; Italian Star 1939-1945; North Africa Star 1939-1945 and General Service 1939-1945.

Some of the medals have Mr Stelfox’s war service number on the back – 4124264.

Those belonging to his late father were three 1914 campaign medals, one for long service and a special one relating to HMS Swift, which would have been awarded for either saving the ship or someone’s life.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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