School Teacher Fired After Being Outed As YouTube Star MC Devvo

A primary school teacher has been fired from his job after being outed as viral comedy rapper MC Devvo, the The Sun reports.

Christian Webb, whose alter-ego was YouTube sensation MC Devvo, was reportedly fired from Thorn King Edwards Primary School in Doncaster last December, having been at the school for four years.

However, the reason behind his dismissal has only just emerged – his past life as a foul-mouthed rapper, which began in the mid-2000s when he started uploading videos to YouTube.

Webb, 36, told The Sun: “It’s not something I want to discuss.”

He went viral for rapping about topics such as drugs, sex with young girls and beating partners, with lyrics including ‘Have a can of Kestrel an’ I’ll kick me’ girlfriend’s head in’, ‘F*** ’em while they’re young’ and ‘Hold her down do it right’.

One parent told The Sun: “Everyone said he was brilliant but you wouldn’t want Ali G as your kid’s teacher.”

Another said: “Kids don’t realise it’s meant to be a joke.”

LADbible has contacted Thorne King Edwards Primary School for comment.

MC Devvo, along with David Firth (of Salad Fingers fame), took YouTube by storm as a comedic rap duo, rapping in a thick Doncaster accent about everything from drinking tinnies to crystal meth before going viral in 2007.

A screengrab from the music video for 'Donny Soldier'. Credit: YouTube
A screengrab from the music video for ‘Donny Soldier’. Credit: YouTube

In an interview with Vice last year, Webb – in character as MC Devvo (aka Darren Devonshire) – discussed his comedy rap output of yesteryear, and its satirical nature.

“The driving force when it started was just to make Dave laugh and then it moved to telly and then it made me think, ‘Oh right this is big now’,” he said.

Asked if he felt his success came from the face people didn’t know whether or not Devvo was real, and if that had changed with modern day acts, he said: “Everyone’s happy to accept them two things aren’t they. They’re not p****d off Big Shaq’s not ‘real’. Where at the time I think there was people thinking Devvo was real, and it causes a bit of thing where they’re asking ‘is it real or not real?’.

“It used to really f*** people off if someone was like, ‘Oh Devvo isn’t a joke’ and then they found out I was. Now everyone is quite happy to have Big Shaq and also the fact that he’s actually Michael D.”

The rapper eventually ‘took a step back’, saying: “Around 2008 and 2009 I was thinking, ‘This isn’t what I should be, I’m p****d off – I’m not making what I thought I’d be’. So I just took a step back from it, because it pulled me into this world that I weren’t actually thinking about entering into.”

He added: “[I’ve] not made actual millions, of course I haven’t, but what I have done has made me happy.”

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