Womans Finger Pops And Oozes With Puss After Trip To Nail Salon

Women (and some men) thoroughly enjoy getting their nails done at a salon.

It helps them feeling confident about their look and also gives them a small element of self expression through nail art. But, as with anything, there are always risks involved getting this type of work done.

One Aussie woman has revealed just how bad things can get after she alleges her trip to a nail salon nearly claimed her right middle finger.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The woman, known only as Jenni, says she’s been getting her nails done at the New South Wales salon for years without an issue, however she alleges it was her most recent trip that caused her immense pain.

Writing on Facebook, the Wyong woman said: “I’ve been happy with my nails for years and never had any problems, however after my last infill a couple of weeks ago, my finger tip started swelling up and was quite painful about a week after.

“The pain got so bad overnight that I took myself to Wyong ED during the night on Sunday night, and ended up spending all day there. They sent me home Monday afternoon with antibiotics and a referral to see a hand doctor on Thursday at the fracture clinic.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

“By Wednesday, the pain was unbearable and swelling had spread again so I went back to Wyong ED and spent all day there trying to get pain manageable and for the doctors to assess it and decide if it need surgery for the infection.

“By the end of the day I was told I needed surgery to clean out the infection down at Gosford Hospital.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Jenni says the post wasn’t meant to shame the specific nail salon and she was just trying to get the word out to people so that no one else has to go what she went through.

The New South Wales Health Department has pretty stringent rules when it comes to nail salons.

Nail technicians have to be registered, work tables have to be easily cleanable, equipment must be in good working order and it should be cleaned and stored properly after each use.

“There must be at least one person present at the time the steriliser is used who is adequately trained in the operation of the bench-top steriliser,” the rules read.

So let this be a warning to people who love getting their paws and claws done, a cheeky bit of nail art can cause some serious damage if it’s not done right.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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